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Innovations in technologies, policies and systems are needed to achieve a sustainable society. What kinds of policies and schemes are being developed in Japan? Do such policies and schemes contribute to sustainability? What kinds of environmental technologies have been developed lately? This section covers such information.
May 4, 2018
A new power generation method using weeds as fuel has been developed in Japan....
Apr 12, 2018
With permission from Smart Japan, a news site providing the latest information...
Apr 8, 2018
The Japanese government formulated on Dec. 26, 2017, a basic strategy for promo...
Japanese Researchers Develop Flame-Retardant Electrolyte for Safer Batteries
Apr 4, 2018
The University of Tokyo, Kyoto University, and Japan's National Institute for M...
'Future Chart' City Visualizer Now Available for Municipalities in Japan
Feb 19, 2018
Professor Hidefumi Kurasaka and his team at Chiba University Graduate School ma...
RIKEN Study Successfully Enhances Tolerance of Plants to Salt Stress
Feb 8, 2018
The Institute of Physical and Chemical Research (RIKEN) in Japan announced on N...
Healthy Living through Improved Air-Quality and Environmental Protection: Programs to Prevent Health Damage from Pollution
Jan 31, 2018
Japan's economy grew rapidly after World War II and its industrial productivit...
Washable, Ultra-thin Organic Solar Cell Developed by Japanese Scientists
Jan 16, 2018
A group of scientists from RIKEN, a comprehensive chemical institute in Japan, ...
Tokyo Institute of Technology Successfully Visualizes Water Produced inside Fuel Cells
Dec 25, 2017
Japan's New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization (NEDO) an...
Kyoto University Utilizes AI to Propose Policies for Japan's Sustainable Future to 2052
Dec 10, 2017
Professor Yoshinori Hiroi and colleagues of Kyoto University's Kokoro Research...
Global Stagnation Projected on Crop Yield Increase under Climate Change Development, Diffusion of Adaptation Technology Now More Important
Dec 8, 2017
Japanese Institutions, including the Institute for Agro-Environmental Sciences ...
NEDO and IHI Conduct World's First Trials of 100 kW Ocean Current Power Generation System
Nov 29, 2017
The New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization (NEDO) and IH...
Japanese NGOs Release Joint Statement on Government's Review of Sustainable Development Goals
Nov 23, 2017
To report on national progress with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) J...

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