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April 17, 2016


LIXIL, Fuji Xerox Win 2015 Energy Conservation Awards

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Energy Conservation Logo
Energy Conservation Logo

The Energy Conservation Center, Japan, announced on January 19, 2016, the winners of its 2015 Energy Conservation Awards. In the Products and Business Models category, the Energy Conservation Center Chairman's Award went to several companies, including LIXIL, a leading Japanese company in the living and housing solutions industry, and Fuji Xerox, a major office equipment and solutions service provider, both of which are JFS corporate members. Aimed at promoting the development of energy-saving products, the Energy Conservation Awards are intended to widely seek out energy-efficient and resource-saving consumer equipment and systems and grants an award to their creators.

LIXIL's Air Meister is a hybrid ventilation system installed with an energy-efficient heat-exchanging ventilation system along with an air-cleaning feature. It has achieved heat-recovery efficiency of 87 percent and is capable of keeping the fluctuation of room temperature resulting from outer air at a minimum for more effective performance in cooling and heating. With an automatic energy-saving feature that enables the system to switch to a non-heat exchanging mode at hours or in seasons when the difference in temperature is small between the inside and outside, the annual cost of running the air-conditioning equipment and ventilation system was reduced by about 48 percent, contributing to further electricity conservation.

Fuji Xerox won the award for its full-color digital multi-function machine. The machine was valued for its achievement in energy saving and its noise-free structure, which was attained by the introduction of high-resolution LED print head technology that enables careful controlling of the LED lighting. The multi-function machine is capable of printing 70 sheets per minute, which surpasses the standards of the International Energy Star Program by 341 percent.

The International Energy Star Program is an energy-conservation system for office equipment, implemented in nine countries and regions in the world. The standard is set at a level where the top 25 percent of equipment with the most efficient performance qualifies.