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September 15, 2011


Kanto District Transport Bureau Assigns First Local Public Transport Experts

Keywords: Government Transportation / Mobility 

The Kanto District Transport Bureau announced on April 25, 2011, that 13 local public transport experts, chosen by the selection board on March 10, had assumed their posts. The local public transport experts will pass on their experiences and knowledge of local public transport to relevant people through seminars and consultations, allowing many areas in the Kanto region, including Tokyo and the surrounding communities, to address public transportation challenges.

As local public transport is on the verge of collapse nationwide, immediate measures should be taken to secure and maintain transportation means for local residents. To ensure safe and secure local public transport, its revitalization has become more important than ever, and local communities need to play active roles.

While some local communities strive for securing public transport, however, there are many others falling behind. Such differences are mostly attributable to the presence of fervent and experienced personnel; thus cultivation of local public transport experts is essential.

The Bureau takes initiatives in promoting and supporting the local communities' original and forward-looking approaches for the revitalization of local public transport by assigning knowledgeable, experienced and committed local public transport experts among local officials, staff from public transport business and NPOs, and other areas. The Bureau has posted the profiles and planned activities of the experts on their website, while continuing to advertise for additional experts annually.

Posted: 2011/09/15 06:00:15 AM