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April 6, 2017


Tokyo Metropolitan Area Railways Operating Campaign for more Safe, Comfortable Trip

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Poster of campaign calls on railway staff.
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The railway businesses in the Tokyo metropolitan area including East Japan Railway Company (JR East) announced on November 8, 2016, the launch of a campaign "Koekake, Sapo-to ('Need Help?', Support for Passengers)" to promote a spirit of mutual cooperation among passengers and railway staff. The campaign was originally started by the JR East group in 2011. With the aim of improving security and comfort for railway passengers, almost all of the major railway businesses in the area decided to take part in this campaign.

The campaign calls on railway staff to be aggressive in approaching passengers who appear to be in need of assistance, and on passengers to cooperate by supporting others who need help. With the launch of the "Koekake, Sapo-to" campaign, each railway company conducted a special promotion by putting up posters within station yards and running videos on in-train display screens in order to raise awareness.

The poster calls on passengers to actively offer support to others. It is entitled "Offering Help Makes the Station and Train more Comfortable" and example scenes are provided with messages such as; "'Are you in trouble?' Asking this can offer support to someone in need," "Support passengers in wheel chairs," and "When passengers from other countries appear to be having difficulty, please ask 'May I help you?'"