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August 3, 2014


Report of Survey on Awareness of Risks and Resilience Released by Development Bank of Japan

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Table: Top Five Risks by Impact
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The Development Bank of Japan Inc. (DBJ) announced on March 25, 2014, that it has released "DBJ Risk Landscape Survey 2014," a report on the awareness of comprehensive risks (social, economic, environmental, etc.) and local resilience in local communities. This is the first report of its kind in Japan. The survey was conducted between December 2013 and February 2014, based on questionnaires targeting prefectural governments, "ordinance-designated" city governments (generally, with populations of 500,000 or more), and private companies around Japan.

The questionnaire asked respondents what they thought about the prospect of risks (the probability of occurrence within the next decade and the potential severity of impact) and local resilience (the ability to adapt to crisis environments and the ability to create a new, balanced environment (build back better)) based on the all-hazards approach, which looks at crises and threats comprehensively.

The survey showed that while respondents in both the public and private sector have a high awareness of the risk of cyber attacks and vulnerability to pandemics, they differ in their level of awareness of such risks. It also showed that to improve local resilience, important issues include the capacity to restore critical infrastructure, including goods distribution, information/communication, medical services, and other "lifeline" supports.

Contact information:Yoshiki HIRUMA, Environmental Initiative & Corporate Social Responsibility Support Department, DBJ Inc.