October 9, 2013


Shizuoka Prefecture Trains Disaster-Preparedness Instructors

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In Japan's Shizuoka Prefecture, under a situation that a major earthquake is predicted to occur in the near future, local government has been cultivating disaster-prevention instructors since 2002 to stimulate voluntary disaster preparedness groups. The instructors are trained to give detailed guidance on disaster prevention and preparation activities in their areas.

People who have experience in disaster prevention and response, including retired fire company members, retired firemen and police officers, disaster-relief volunteers, experienced disaster-prevention committee members, and company employees in charge of disaster prevention, are appointed by municipalities in the prefecture, and promote disaster prevention and preparation activities based on their knowledge they gained from training programs.

Having such instructors in each community is expected to contribute to fuller voluntary disaster prevention and preparation activities and more effective cooperation with stakeholder organizations and information sharing among communities . In fiscal 2013, 1,737 peopole from 24 municipalities were appointed as instructors.

Achieving the initial target of 500 instructors by the end of fiscal 2005, the prefecture has been giving capacity-building training to local instructors since 2009 to improve their skill in giving aid to disaster victims and operating evacuation centers so that they play a leading role in disaster preparedness locally in each city and town.