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September 10, 2012


Certification Criteria for Eco Mark 'Car Sharing' Established

Keywords: Government Transportation / Mobility 

The Japan Environment Association Eco Mark Office established certification criteria for Eco Mark Product Category No. 502 "Car Sharing Version 1", on June 5, 2012.

The primary purpose of these certification criteria is to promote car sharing. In addition to setting up the mandatory items for introduction of environmentally friendly vehicles and convenience, the recommended items are set to flexibly evaluate diverse actions. Evaluation is conducted based on total points for mandatory items and added points.

The major criteria are classified as follows: percentage of retained cars that comply with JC08 mode/2015 Japanese fuel efficiency standards and low-emission vehicles; facilities; business operations; information services for users; and operator approach to environment-friendliness.

Car sharing is a system under which cars are jointly owned and used among multiple members who do not own private cars. This system was taken up as a new product category at Eco Mark, as it is regarded to be of great significance in establishing certification criteria due to changes in consumer lifestyle.

Posted: 2012/09/10 06:00:15 AM