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June 28, 2012


Kitakyushu Begins Research to Expand Smart Community Project Overseas

Keywords: Local government Renewable Energy 

The city of Kitakyushu in southern Japan's Fukuoka Prefecture announced on March 14, 2012, that it will begin to investigate the feasibility of commercializing natural gas cogeneration power systems in Surabaya, Indonesia. The research will be conducted under Kitakyushu Smart Community Creation Project and will be the city's first attempt to expand the project to other countries. The Japanese government has solicited proposals for research programs to promote the export of Japan's infrastructure, and adopted the program proposed by Kitakyushu in cooperation with Nippon Steel Engineering Co. and other entities.

Kitakyushu started verification tests under its Smart Community Creation Project in fiscal 2010, and since then has focused on a high-efficiency natural gas cogeneration system in the city's Yahata Higashi Ward. Based on the test results, the city plans to investigate the feasibility of commercializing cogeneration systems at an industrial complex in Surabaya City and to look into energy-saving measures at each factory in the complex during the one-year period from March 2012.

Kitakyushu has so far provided Surabaya with technical assistance in the commercialization of raw garbage composting, sewage treatment in the community area, and purified water supply. Kitakyushu says that this latest adoption of the city's joint research program will be the final part of a complete urban infrastructure package exported to Surabaya that includes such important components as energy, waste and sewage treatment, and drinking water.

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Posted: 2012/06/28 06:00:15 AM