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May 31, 2012


Mitsubishi Unveils 100-Volt Back-up Home Power Supply that Connects to EVs

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Mitsubishi Motors Corp. announced on March 9, 2012, that it would start selling its "MiEV power BOX," a power supply device that connects to its electric vehicles (EVs), the i-MiEV or MINICAB-MiEV models, as a dealer option from April 27.

The MiEV power BOX produces 100-volt alternating current (AC) of up to 1,500 watts from the large-capacity battery of the i-MiEV or MINICAB-MiEV EVs via their quick-charging connectors. It measures 395 by 334 by 194 millimeters, weighs 11.5 kilograms, and includes a 1.7-meter-long connecting cable and a 100-volt output socket.

The device is primarily designed to supply power to various home electric appliances during power outages or other emergencies. The i-MiEV's full battery charge capacity of 16 kilowatt-hours is enough to provide continuous power of 1,500 watts for between five and six hours, equivalent to the daily electricity needs of an average Japanese home.

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Posted: 2012/05/31 06:00:15 AM