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August 19, 2011


Japan's MOE Promoting 'Super Cool Biz' for 2011

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Japan's Ministry of the Environment is currently advocating "Cool Biz" ― a lifestyle that allows comfortable living at a room temperature of 28 degrees Celsius between May 1 and October 31, 2011. In particular, from June onwards, the Ministry is strengthening the campaign under the name "Super Cool Biz" in order to popularize and promote this lifestyle.

The ministry has been carrying out "Cool Biz" activities every year from June to September since the summer of 2005. In 2011, however, the Ministry has started its activities one month earlier, and will continue them one month longer in view of the electric power conservation required as a result of the Great East Japan Earthquake.

The Ministry is suggesting that people continue to take small actions and use their original goods: setting the air conditioner at 28 degrees Celsius, dressing in cool fashions without jackets, shifting working hours, sprinkling water on paved areas, and using other facilities and devices such as green curtains.

On June 1 and 15, and July 6, 2011, the Ministry cosponsored the event Super COOL BIZ 2011 together with Environment Business Women. This event featured a cool biz fashion show, an explanation and display on electric power conservation, and the introduction of power conservation-related policies and products.

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Posted: 2011/08/19 06:00:15 AM