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October 29, 2005


2005 Environment White Paper Calls for Global Warming Efforts

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With the coming into effect of the Kyoto Protocol in February 2005, the Japanese Ministry of the Environment (MOE) has been calling for redoubled efforts by the Japanese public for fighting global warming. The appeal was made in the ministry's 2005 White Paper on the Environment, released on June 17, under the subtitle of "Stop global warming -- a new era based on environment-conscious people and systems."

To curb global warming and establish a sustainable recycling-oriented society, it is indispensable to develop human resources that take every opportunity at home, at workplaces and in the communities to reduce environmental burdens such as greenhouse gas emissions. For this purpose, the ministry intends to place top emphasis on two fields -- the development of human resources and the creation of more environment-oriented socioeconomic systems.

Although the amount of CO2 emissions from households accounts for only 14 percent of Japan's total emissions, it has increased by some 30 percent from 1990 levels, the base year under the Kyoto Protocol. This rate of increase is quite remarkable when compared with other sectors. The white paper has proposed 38 concrete measures that can be carried out easily at each household, expecting that these measures will not only reduce environmental burdens but also help make people more environmentally conscious.

Since April, the ministry has operated a national campaign called "Team Minus 6 Percent," which calls on people to choose from among the 38 items and take action to fight global warming. A no-tie and no-jacket fashion for summer business wear, dubbed "Cool Biz," has attracted special public attention.

Posted: 2005/10/29 03:30:26 PM
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