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October 15, 2010


City of Kyoto Shifting from 'Car-Centric' into Being a 'Walking City'

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The City of Kyoto announced on June 8, 2010, that it had started seeking more efficient use of existing parking facilities rather than developing more new ones, in order to shift away from being a car-centric society, and discourage the driving of private automobiles in the city. Based on its newly adopted general traffic strategy, "Walking City: Kyoto," the city revised its earlier master plans on parking facilities and car parking development for areas with mandatory parking space requirements. The announcement was included in the revisions of these plans.

The "Walking City: Kyoto" general traffic strategy was formulated in January 2010. By promoting the creation of a city that facilitates walking instead of driving, where pedestrians and public transportation are given priority, it encourages the conversion of Kyoto from being a car-centric city and society into a more pedestrian-oriented one. From a standpoint of discouraging private automobile usage, based on this mission, the Kyoto City Parking Lots Development Council reconsidered the city's earlier parking lot projects, originally designed to meet increasing parking demands.

Following these revisions, the city is currently considering revising its parking lot ordinances, as well as assessing the specific parking needs of large-scale retail buildings, in order to create a more effective parking environment for these areas. Kyoto's ongoing plan is to continue developing a more pedestrian- and public transportation-friendly city that facilitates enjoyable walking experiences.

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Posted: 2010/10/15 06:00:15 AM

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