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April 22, 2010


Road Fatalities in 2009 Drop below 5,000 for First Time in 57 Years

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Japan's National Police Agency announced on January 2, 2010, that the number of fatalities from road traffic accidents in Japan in 2009 was 4,914, the ninth consecutive annual decrease, and the first time the number has dropped below 5,000 in 57 years.

The number of road fatalities in 2009, which were 29 percent of those in the worst year on record, 1970 (16,765), fell by 241 from the previous year. The number of traffic accidents and injuries also decreased for the fifth consecutive year. Factors that may have contributed to the decrease in deaths include improved seat belt use, lower speed collisions, and fewer accidents attributed to malicious or dangerous violations.

The police department will further strive to prevent traffic accidents by strengthening controls against failure to maintain stopping distance requirements on national expressways, and implementing support measures for safe driving by senior drivers.

Japan's National Police Agency official website

Posted: 2010/4/22 06:00:15 AM