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August 24, 2007


Models Proposed for Green Logistic System Offering Eco-Points to Consumers

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A "Green Logistics and Eco-Point Study Group" was set up by the Green Distribution Partnership Conference, an organization established by Japanese government ministries in cooperation with logistics and economic organizations. In a report released on March 30, 2007, this group proposes logistics models in which consumers could receive "eco-points."

The report describes "eco-point" systems for consumers and businesses. For consumers, the target is home delivery services, the most familiar distribution service for consumers.

In the models, consumers could earn eco-points when they help couriers reduce environmental impacts, for example by visiting a neighboring convenience store to pick up their parcels instead of receiving them at home. Consumers could exchange the accumulated points with environmentally friendly products and services, or donate them for tree-planting projects.

Meanwhile, companies that implement green distribution would be recognized with eco-points, which would give them an advantage in applying for ministerial awards or subsidies for pilot projects and promotional projects offered by the Green Distribution Partnership Conference. The study group would also disclose each company's eco-point acquisition status to consumers. By distributing information about logistics companies' environmental efforts in an easy-to-understand manner, the group aims to raise consumers' awareness and interest in green distribution.

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Posted: 2007/08/24 10:35:09 AM
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