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November 3, 2006


Eco-Friendly Drivers Increasing in Japan

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According to a survey, over 70 percent of drivers practice "eco-driving," the Ministry of Land Infrastructure and Transport (MLIT) announced on August 14, 2006. The Ministry conducted the survey on environmental awareness of issues related to land and transportation, targeting 797 MLIT monitors via the Internet in May 2006, and 758 people (95%) responded.

Eco-driving refers to driving techniques that use less energy and reduce emissions of carbon dioxide and other air pollutants. It encourages drivers: 1. to eliminate unnecessary idling; 2. to keep driving at an economical speed; 3. to avoid jack-rabbit starts, sudden acceleration or braking; and 4. to check air pressure in tires before driving.

According to results of the survey, 71.9 percent of the respondents always practice eco-driving or do it to some extent. Asked about good effects of eco-driving, 62.4 percent said it helped improve fuel efficiency and 57.6 percent reported a feeling of satisfaction at doing something good for the environment. On the other hand, 16.7 percent said almost nothing had changed with the practice (multiple answers allowed).

Meanwhile, the majority of people who don't practice eco-driving lack knowledge of eco-driving techniques (65.1%).

Posted: 2006/11/03 11:02:39 AM
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