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July 10, 2015


Japanese Company Pushes for Organizational and Social Reform

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Photo: Change Agent 10th anniversary symposium
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A Japanese company called Change Agent, which drives human resource development, held its 10th anniversary symposium, entitled Organization- and Society-Changing Leadership, on April 25, 2015. Participants who gathered to discuss organizational and social changes of the future numbered 150. By building on the takeaway points from the dialogue with symposium participants, Change Agent will strive to bring about positive organizational and social reform in the pursuit of its mission during the next decade.

A change agent is a person who effects change. The company launched its operations on the basis of the belief that it would be possible to change Japanese society if 200 change agents could be cultivated in various fields including the government, local municipalities, communities, private companies, NGOs and the public.

The symposium produced panel discussion and dialogue on the following topics: readiness to take responsibility, creating spaces, building safe places, speaking introspectively, forming an opinion while being open-minded to those of others, questioning who and what we are, identifying our responsibility to address a problem, and not obstructing natural and independent actions.

On the occasion of this 10th anniversary, Change Agent is launching new activities to cultivate change agents and to expand its network, by establishing the Change Agent Academy and forming a Change Agent Community on Facebook.