Energy / Climate Change

February 23, 2014


Public-Private Joint Research for Solar Sharing

Keywords: Food Manufacturing industry Renewable Energy University / Research institute 

Looop Inc., a Japanese developer and retailer of products to utilize renewable energy, announced on October 1, 2013, that it has started research on solar sharing with the University of Miyazaki. Solar sharing aims to simultaneously yield crops and generate electricity by building poles on farmland and installing solar power devices above it. They plan to study the effects on growth and yields of agriculture products due to solar power generating devices, as well as the revenue from the sale of electricity.

During the first period, scheduled from October 1, 2013 to March 31, 2014, the Faculty of Agriculture in the University Miyazaki will conduct research on a selection of crops and varieties, and cultivation methods suitable for the condition under solar sharing, while a research team from Looop will conduct research on the most appropriate operation of solar power generation system in agricultural lands.

This project uses Looop's solar PV kit, which is a DIY device that enables solar light to reach the ground, as solar panels are freely placed several meters above the ground.

Looop, established in April 2011, gained experience in the devastated areas of the Great East Japan Earthquake with support such as the free installation of a stand-alone solar power generation sets. Looop aims to promote the use of renewable energy sources, including PV and wind and hydroelectric generation.