Energy / Climate Change

January 21, 2014


Minato Ward in Tokyo Expands CO2 Sequestration Certification Program

Keywords: Climate Change Local government 

Minato Ward in Tokyo issued on September 1, 2013, guidelines for a carbon dioxide (CO2) sequestration certification system for commercial building tenants, aiming to further increase the amount of CO2 sequestered in the ward through the use of wood and to contribute to increased uptake of CO2 by forests managed in Japan.

Under this system, tenant businesses that use domestic forest products that are verified as legal or supplied under a sustainable forestry agreement for an interior/furniture makeover before moving in or during renovation, are eligible to obtain a certificate for CO2 sequestration from the ward. The amount of CO2 sequestered is calculated based on the amount of such timber used.

The forest products under the agreement are those harvested in municipalities that have signed an agreement with Minato to promote the use of domestic timber, including timber from forest thinning. Signatory municipalities, which numbered 63 as of August 2013, work to ensure adequate management of forests, including thinning and post-logging reforestation.