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September 16, 2013


Japanese Ministry to Subsidize Local Governments for Introduction of LED Streetlights

Keywords: Energy Conservation Government Policy / Systems 

Ministry of the Environment (MOE) announced on March 29, 2013, that it has selected 38 local governments in 18 prefectures for subsidies to conduct preliminary surveys and supplementary work for introducing LED exterior lighting, such as streetlights. MOE made the decision upon reviewing work proposals submitted by small local governments.

The subsidy program aims to support small local governments with populations of less than 150,000 in order to economically and effectively replace streetlights with LEDs using a lease system. The local governments will receive financial assistance for conducting surveys and installing lighting, thereby reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

The number of local governments selected from each region is: two from Tohoku, 10 from Kanto, 11 from Chubu, eight from Kinki, one from Chugoku/Shikoku and six from Kyushu.