September 12, 2013


Citizen's Group Offers Seminar to Foster Community Disaster Prevention Coordinators

Keywords: Civil Society / Local Issues Disaster Prevention / Reduction NGO / Citizen 

Bousai Juku Daruma is a citizen's group in Yokohama that promotes disaster prevention activities in local communities, and provides training seminars to foster citizens who can coordinate community disaster preparedness. The seminar has been designed and offered annually with the cooperation of Kanagawa University since 2006, when the group was founded to learn from the experience of the Great Hanshin Earthquake in 1995.

The ten-part seminar series is held annually in autumn with guest speakers from a variety of fields. Each seminar leads to an increase in community disaster prevention activities, knowledge about disaster vulnerability, and shared information, as well as the construction of a network of people. Right now, more than 100 Daruma members are working in their communities.

In 2012, the theme of the seminar was "Acquiring Knowledge and Wisdom on Disaster Mitigation and Prevention to Benefit Communities." In the future, Daruma plans to continue organizing meetings among citizens, NPOs, businesses and local governments to promote information sharing for the prevention and mitigation of natural disasters.