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October 11, 2012


Gov't Draws up Manual to Promote Off-shore Wind Power Generation in Harbors

Keywords: Government Renewable Energy 

Japan's Ministry of the Environment (MOE) and Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism (MLIT) jointly drew up and published on June 22, 2012, a manual to establish large-scale wind farms in off-shore port areas. The ministries expect the manual to facilitate the smooth installation of off-shore wind power generation at ports, which has only been carried at 10 sites across the whole of Japan.

The manual gives directions to port management on the installation of off-shore wind power plants: (1) how to select a site; (2) how to position wind power generation in the port plan; (3) how to invite public participation of business operators; and (4) how to monitor performance during operations. It also includes suggestions on setting up an installation committee to share information and coordinate views among related parties.

Off-shore wind power generation has greater potential than on-shore generation. "The Governmental Policy for the Promotion of Development of Ocean Renewable Energy," which was formulated by the government on May 25, 2012, positioned water areas in ports as priority areas for renewable energy production, such as off-shore wind power generation.

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