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September 7, 2012


Nissan Sets up Fund to Use Carbon Credits Generated by Driving EVs

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On June 11, 2012, Nissan Motor Co. established the Nissan Zero Emission Fund, a new program for individual owners of its all-electric LEAF in Japan, which utilizes CO2 reduction credits generated by driving the LEAF.

Under this program, miles driven by individual LEAF owners are added up and their CO2 emissions are compared to those from average gasoline vehicles. The annual emissions avoided by driving the LEAF are converted to carbon credits certified under a domestic credit certification scheme, and the credits are then sold to the Green Investment Program Organization, a non-profit general incorporated association. Profits from credit sales will be used for the installation of quick charging facilities and forest conservation activities in an effort to promote the creation of a zero-emission society.

With regard to forest conservation, Nissan will work with the non-profit organization "more trees." They will thin trees in forests that need to be conserved in Japan, and restore them as "LEAF Forests." The targeted forests for fiscal 2012 are located in three villages in Yamanashi Prefecture, which provide water to Tokyo, as well as Yokohama City in Kanagawa Prefecture.

The annual distance driven by individual LEAF owners, which is required for CO2 emission calculation, is automatically collected at Nissan's data center through the LEAF's on-board communication unit. This allows the company to obtain more accurate driving records without inconveniencing LEAF owners.

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Posted: 2012/09/07 06:00:15 AM