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August 25, 2012


Geothermal Heat Pump Air Conditioning System Launched

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Corona Corp., a heating appliance and housing equipment manufacturer and wholesaler in Japan, announced on April 9, 2012, the planned release of GeoSIS, a geothermal heat pump air conditioning system by the end of June 2012. The system uses heat stored in the ground for home heating and cooling as the temperature in the ground is more stable than it is in the air.

The system allows for energy-efficient air conditioning (with 4 kilowatts of cooling output, and 5 kilowatts of heating output); it provides energy for heating via a heat pump, and releases heat into the ground when used for cooling.

It contributes to about 50% reductions in running costs, and more than 50% reductions in carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions from existing levels. It also prevents the urban heat island effect, as there is no need of a defrosting operation while heating, enabling the maintenance of the desired temperature, nor is there any release of hot air into the atmosphere.

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Posted: 2012/08/25 06:00:15 AM