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July 6, 2012


Tokyo Restaurant Serves Fresh Organic Vegetables from On-Site Plant Factories

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Tamachi Building Co., a subsidiary of Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Ltd. (MHI) that also manages the MHI Group's building assets, announced on April 3, 2012, that a restaurant at one of its rental office buildings has started to offer new menus featuring fresh pesticide-free vegetables grown in on-site solar-powered miniature vegetable factories (cultivation systems).

The restaurant, which is located on the B1 level of the company's Daiichi Tamachi Building near the JR Tamachi Station, Tokyo, has two multi-shelf cultivation systems. It harvests about 60 heads (about 6 kilograms) of leaf lettuce and about 1,500 heads (about 2 kilograms) of smaller vegetables such as baby leaf greens per day. The cultivation systems are powered by solar panels that were installed on the roof of the building in 2011. The panels have a total capacity of approximately 4 kilowatts, enough to power an ordinary household.

The freshly picked vegetables are mainly used in dinner items such as salads, lettuce-wrapped Shumai dumplings, and baby greens and prosciutto pizza.

Posted: 2012/07/06 06:00:15 AM