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May 6, 2012


MAFF Announces Creation of Networking Organization to Encourage 'Sixth' Industrialization

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Japan's Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries announced December 1, 2011, the establishment of the Industry Cooperation Network, intended to accelerate the "sixth " industrialization. This term refers to the vertical integration of primary, secondary, and tertiary industries (1 x 2 x 3=6) to achieve greater value added in products and services, through cooperation with a spectrum of sectors and industries, while spurring growth in the agricultural, forestry and fisheries industries. The purpose of the network is to offer opportunities to people from an extensive variety of areas such as agriculture and forestry, fisheries, manufacturing, finance, and including consumers, think tanks, and researchers to interact and pool their knowledge.

Rural resources in rural farming and fishing communities are drawing attention due to their potential value for future economic growth. Among other things, they are seen as sources of clean energy to reduce global carbon dioxide emissions, as components for the development of new materials for applications in medicine, health care, etc.

For their most effective applications, MAFF considers it important to encourage innovations in building new cooperative relationships, developing the agricultural industry, helping to foster new high-tech industries, and introducing renewable energy projects in rural areas.

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