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January 28, 2005


Kyoto's Citizens Environmental Foundation Changes the Way People Think

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The Citizens Environmental Foundation (CEF), established in Kyoto in July 1992, is an environmental non-governmental organization (NGO) that tackles environmental issues comprehensively with practical measures. The CEF believes that it is necessary to make socioeconomic systems and lifestyles more ecologically sound. Its main activities are "suggesting practical ideas on green lifestyles," "building eco-cities," and "sharing the environment with future generations."

The CEF has published the Green Consumer Guide, which includes suggestions on green lifestyles and the research results of environmental efforts at supermarkets and co-op stores. Also, it holds the Environmental City Contest, as well as the Environmental Municipalities Strategic Conference for those who tackle the environmental issues locally, including municipal leaders and environmental department personnel.

The CEF has developed a program of visiting lectures on water, community building, food, waste and recycling in cooperation with local governments and schools. It also develops environmental education activities including games and quizzes, plays, workshops and teaching materials, such as playing cards and illustrated books.

In addition, the CEF actively promotes a program called Partnership Activities to build eco-cities through a partnership with local governments. Participating in this program, citizens and NGOs play an active role in making suggestions toward a better society. They formulate local environmental basic plans and organize training courses in community leadership for environmental activities.

Posted: 2005/01/28 12:07:02 PM
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