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March 12, 2012


New iPhone App Supports Personal Health Management and Fights World Hunger at the Same Time

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JFS/New iPhone App Supports Personal Health Management and Fights World Hunger at the Same Time
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A group of organizations in Japan released on December 1, 2011, a free iPhone application (app) called "Table for Two" on Apple's App Store. Non-profit organization Table for Two (TFT); foo.log, a start-up company that was established by researchers at the University of Tokyo; advertisement agency Dentsu; and its affiliate Dentsu Razorfish Inc. worked together to develop the app, which allows users to manage their personal health while benefiting others.

The app is powered by the cutting-edge "Food Image Analysis System" developed jointly by the Aizawa Laboratory at the University of Tokyo's Department of Information and Communication Engineering and its spin-off company, foo.log. The app analyzes a meal, photographed and uploaded by the user, based on its color and texture to estimate the meal's caloric energy, generate a graph showing the meal's nutritional balance, and recommend a more balanced diet if the user has too much or too little of certain food groups. For every picture of a healthy meal that is uploaded, sponsoring companies will donate one yen (about one US cent) to go toward serving school meals in African countries.

TFT also collaborates with over 460 restaurants and company cafeterias to serve healthy, nutritionally balanced meals around the world. For every TFT-branded meal that is purchased in Japan, 20 yen (about 26 US cents) is donated, enough to send the gift of one school meal to an African child. In the four years since the project's start, TFT has delivered 12,500,000 meals to children in countries like Uganda and Ethiopia.

"TABLE FOR TWO" Promoting Healthier Meals Locally and School Lunch Donations Internationally
TABLE FOR TWO Delicious Dishes Solve Both Obesity and Starvation

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