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September 14, 2011


PC Makers Improving Power-Saving Functions in PCs

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PC manufacturers are providing services to improve power-saving functions and are appealing to users to enable PC power-saving modes.

NEC Corporation and NEC Fielding Ltd. started to sell on November 2, 2009, the EnePal PC Pack, which visualizes power consumption by PCs in offices. This software automatically adjusts PC power consumption in response to user behavior.

Toshiba Corporation has equipped the summer 2011 model of "dynabook" its popular PC series "Toshiba eco Utility" which has new functions using scores and images to display the ecological contribution. The is expected to reduce power consumption by approximately 40 percent.

In May 2011, Fujitsu Ltd. started providing the utility Peak Shift Setting for corporate-use personal computers, which enables switching between the AC adapter and the battery at pre-set times. This feature permits the battery to automatically supply power for pre-set periods, even with the AC adapter connected, resulting in reductions in peak-time power consumption.

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