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September 10, 2010


Toyota Joins Demonstration Project to Establish Low-Carbon Society at Home and Abroad

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Toyota Motor Corp. and Dream Incubator Inc., a business project consulting firm in Japan, announced on April 8, 2010, that they are starting a joint demonstration project with other companies to create a low-carbon city involving households and local communities in the city of Toyota, Aichi Prefecture, where Toyota is based. The project, planned by the city and 13 private companies, including Toyota, Dream Incubator, Chubu Electric Power Co., was selected as one of the "Next-Generation Energy and Social Systems Demonstration Area" projects sponsored by Japan's Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry.

The project aims to establish a system for a low-carbon society fit for local cities not only as part of their plans for city revitalization but also to extend the system nationwide and overseas in the future. Therefore, they plan to create a system that responds to various needs in different social environments such as a nationally, or in local cities, a developed country, or in an emerging one.

Foreseeing the wider use of renewable energy such as solar or wind power in the future, the project puts emphasis on the efficient reduction of carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions and minimizing the cost of infrastructure construction of the system necessary to provide a level and stable power supply. The project is divided into five categories: (1) efficient use of energy in households; (2) efficient use of energy in the local community; (3) establishment of a low-carbon transportation system; (4) offering citizens support in changing their lifestyle while also investigating the effectiveness of incentive methods; (5) and investigating strategies for global expansion.

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Posted: 2010/09/10 06:00:15 AM