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June 17, 2010


Toshiba, Public High School Among Winners of 13th Environmental Communication Awards

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JFS/Toshiba, Public High School Among Winners of 13th Environmental Communication Awards

Japan's Ministry of the Environment and the Global Environmental Forum announced the winners of the 13th Environmental Communication Awards on February 19, 2010. The awards are given out annually for outstanding efforts in environmental communication. Toshiba Corp. and Ishikawa Prefectural Daishoji High School were among the winners.

The Toshiba Group Environmental Report 2009, which won the Grand Prize from the Minister of the Environment, contains environmental and corporate social responsibility (CSR) reports in a three-volume set of booklets. The report manifests the group's vision, which is mainly reflected in its Environmental Vision 2050, and details its latest performances and mid-term objectives by using a backcasting approach. The Ishikawa Prefectural Daishoji High School's report "Seiko Eco Project (SEP): Aiming to be the greenest school in the world," which also won the Grand Prize, explains in detail the school's environmental activities and students' participation in local environmental activities.

Awards were given out in the categories of environmental reports, environmental activity reports, and environmental television spots that aimed to promote environmental communication by businesses and improve the quality of communication. In 2009, 31 were selected for the awards out of 419 applicants, with 287 in the environmental reports category, 80 in the environmental activity reports category, and 52 in the television environmental spots category.

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