July 4, 2009


Environmental Communication Awards 2008 Announced

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The Ministry of the Environment and the Global Environmental Forum have selected the winners of the 12th Environmental Communication Awards, which are given for outstanding efforts in environmental communication. The award ceremony was held on March 16, 2009. In the environmental reports category, the grand prize for environmental reporting was given to Ricoh Co., the grand prize for sustainability reporting to Teijin Ltd., and the grand prize for measures against global warming to Toshiba Corp. In other categories, the grand prizes in the environmental activity reports category and in the environmental television spots category were awarded to Sugar & Spice Modeling Agency and Sumitomo Forestry Co., respectively.

In its environmental report, Ricoh has set a drastic target for reducing the general environmental impact as a long-term goal toward 2050 and Teijin has established a target for reduction of carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions by 2020 and is involved in a closed-loop recycling system for polyester products, known as the ECO CIRCLE, while Toshiba indicated that it will manage the specific progress of Environmental Vision 2050, which aims to reduce global CO2 emissions by 50 percent in 2050. Each of these efforts scored very highly, and thus earned the grand prizes.

Sugar & Spice has been making an effort to protect the global environment by donating part of the profits from its environmental contribution business, which exceeds the existing framework of advertising businesses. Sumitomo Forestry's TV commercial, Kikorin's Forest series, has plainly emphasized to the public the significance of protecting forests in Japan and producing houses using domestic timber for environmental sustainability.

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Posted: 2009/07/04 06:00:15 AM