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June 7, 2007


Ricoh, Suntory Win 10th Environmental Communication Awards

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The Ministry of the Environment and the Global Environmental Forum announced the winners of the 10th Environmental Communication Awards on February 19, 2007. The awards have been given to outstanding efforts in environmental communication. In the environmental report category, Ricoh Co., won the grand prize. In the sustainability report category for outstanding reports that include an excellent description on social aspects from a sustainability perspective, Suntory Ltd. won the grand prize.

The Environmental Communication Awards recognize outstanding environmental reports, environmental activity reports, and environmental television spots, with the aim of promoting environmental communication by business and improving the quality of communication. Winners of the year were selected from 387 applicants.

Besides the grand prizes, seven groups won the Excellence Prize for Environmental Report , six groups the Excellence Prize for Sustainability Report, and two groups received special recognition. Among the winners, The Seiyu, Sony Corp., Ricoh, and Matsushita Electric Works Ltd., were also given the Environmental Reporting Meister Award, which won the Grand Prize or Excellence Prize more than three times in the past.

Starting with the tenth awards, a new category was newly set up for the specified corporations such as "independent administrative institutions" (a specific type of quasi-governmental corporation serving the public interest) and national and public universities under the Law Concerning the Promotion of Business Activities with Environmental Consideration by Specified Corporations, etc., and five groups received the Excellence Prize. In the category of environmental activities report, Dig Inc. won the Grand Prize and three other groups were awarded the Excellence Prize. In the category of environmental television spots, Shizuoka Prefecture won the Grand Prize, four other groups won the Excellence Prize, and one group won a Special award.


Posted: 2007/06/07 11:03:12 PM
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