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August 10, 2008


Japan's Environment Ministry Selects Projects for Eco-Action Points Program

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In an effort to promote its Eco-Action Points program -- which is aimed at reducing household greenhouse gas emissions -- in March 2008, the Ministry of the Environment chose 13 model projects for support. Under the program, every time people purchase environment-friendly products or services, they can earn Eco-Action Points and later exchange them for various commodities, services, or electronic money.

Four companies selected as nationwide model projects were JCB Co., Dentsu Inc., NTT Resonant Inc., and T Card and Marketing Co. (a credit card and points rewards service company). Nine were selected as model projects for local communities, including Fujisaki Office (a business consulting company), Hokkaido Environment Foundation, and the Hyogo Environment Advancement Association. In April, the Takadanobaba West Shopping Mall Promotion Association, one of the other local projects chosen, started a plastic bag reuse campaign in a unique community project, called the Atom Currency Project, in which customers can collect Atom currency when they reuse their plastic bags when shopping. (Atom is a popular Japanese anime character known as Astro Boy overseas.)

The system is aimed at encouraging people to take positive action on environmental issues. To familiarize consumers with it, the ministry introduced the Eco-Action Points name after renaming its existing Eco-Points program and the original logo on a trial basis in May. Based on the lessons learned during the pilot phase this year, the program will go in to full operation in fiscal 2009.

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Posted: 2008/08/10 07:43:37 AM