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February 3, 2008


Environment Ministry to Give Eco-Points to Energy-Saving Contributors

Keywords: Energy Conservation Government Policy / Systems 

For its fiscal 2008 budget, Japan's Ministry of the Environment (MOE) has requested 420 million yen (U.S.$ 3.62 million) to promote environmental activities for CO2 emissions reduction, including the adoption of an eco-point system. Aiming to reduce CO2 emissions by businesses and households, which have shown a rapid increase in recent years, the ministry plans to further promote environmental activities by establishing a system to provide economic incentives to individuals and bodies that have conducted environmentally friendly activities, for example, purchasing energy-saving appliances, taking action to conserve energy, achieving zero emissions, practicing 3Rs (reducing, reusing and recycling waste) or conducting greening activities.

The MOE will also set up an eco-point forum consisting of companies, environmental non-profit organizations, consumer groups, and local governments, together with related government ministries. In addition, by listing the keys for success to help each region or company manage an eco-point system, the ministry hopes to enhance the partnership between forum members and put into practice concrete plans.

Some companies and NPOs in the eco-point forum will form a council to consider the management of an eco-point system that rewards those who obtained eco-points for their environmental contributions, such as doing something to conserve the environment or purchasing energy-saving products. The eco-point system will be jointly introduced with the related ministries on a trial basis.

Posted: 2008/02/03 04:01:14 PM
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