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January 27, 2007


'Warm Biz' Awareness Campaign Cuts CO2 Emissions by 1.41 Million Tons in FY2005

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The Japanese Ministry of the Environment (MOE) announced on October 27, 2006, its estimate that "Warm Biz" reduced carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions by 1.41 million ton in fiscal 2005, equivalent to monthly emissions from about 3 million households. Warm Biz is a government-sponsored awareness campaign that the MOE started in fiscal 2005 to reduce energy consumption in offices and buildings in winter by encouraging people to wear warmer clothes, allowing offices to set their heating systems at 20 degrees Celsius, lower than usual.

The ministry conducted a questionnaire on the campaign's achievements in late March 2006, targeting 1,200 men and women randomly selected from registered members of a research company. According to the results 90.2 percent of the respondents said they were aware of the Warm Biz campaign. Among the respondents holding jobs 30.5 percent said their offices set the heating systems at lower temperatures than usual. Based on the percentage the MOE estimated the reduction in CO2 emissions due to the Warm Biz campaign.

During the fiscal 2006 Warm Biz campaign, from November 1, 2006, through March 31, 2007, the ministry is expanding coverage from just offices to also include households, by promoting energy-saving efforts relating to food, clothing and shelter in daily life.

Posted: 2007/01/27 09:45:52 PM
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