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September 4, 2006


Japan and the UK Hold Joint International Workshop on a Low Carbon Society

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An international workshop, "Developing Visions for a Low Carbon Society (LCS) through Sustainable Development," was held from June 14 to 16, 2006 in Tokyo, with the participation of 43 experts from 16 countries, four international organizations and 60 observers. This was the first workshop held by the joint Japan-UK research project on "Japan Low Carbon Society Scenarios toward 2050."

The workshop was designed to: (1) promote understanding of the importance of drastic cuts in greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions through 2050, (2) review studies of GHG emission scenarios from each country, (3) link sustainable development to stabilization targets under the climate change protocol, (4) study methodologies to establish an LCS, (5) clarify the gaps between the goals set by the scenario to achieve an LCS and the realities of each country's circumstances, (6) and provide opportunities for collaboration at regional, national and international levels to seek the most appropriate methods to realize LCS scenarios.

Experts from both developed and developing countries reported the results of their studies on establishing an LCS and had lively discussions about how to achieve this. The insights gained at this workshop have been uploaded onto the website of Japan's Ministry of the Environment in the form of a summary by its steering committee. The next workshop will be held in the UK in 2007.
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Posted: 2006/09/04 11:58:28 AM
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