March 12, 2014


Per Capita Urban Park Space Hits 10.0 Square Meters in Japan

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Photo: Yoyogi Park
Photo by Shinjiro. Some Rights Reserved.

Japan's Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism (MLIT) announced on December 9, 2013, that the per capita amount of space dedicated to urban parks in Japan reached 10.0 square meters as of the end of fiscal year (FY) 2012. The figure comes from the ministry's annual survey on the state of urban parks in Japan.

The per capita space of urban parks as of the end of FY2012 was five times larger than at the end of FY1960, the year when the survey was started and estimated 2.1 square meters per capita. Compared to the survey results for the end of FY2011, the total space of urban parks increased from about 119,016 hectares to about 120,217 hectares, an increase of 1,201 hectares, and the total number of urban parks increased from 101,111 to 102,393, an increase of 1,282.

In fact, per capita urban parks space in Japan is still low compared to the 80.0 square meters in Stockholm and 52.3 square meters in Washington, DC. MLIT plans to promote the development of urban parks and support local governments and other stakeholders in realizing more effective use of resources, longer lasting facilities, and efficient maintenance and management of parks in order to help meet social needs such as disaster prevention and environmental issues.