July 8, 2004


'EARTH VISION' Tokyo Global Environmental Film Festival

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The EARTH VISION Tokyo Global Environmental Film Festival is an annual international film festival to bring awareness of environmental issues through various films. This film festival is an open competition for the screening of entries from Polynesia, Oceania, and Asia, including Japan. What makes EARTH VISION unique is that the festival accepts any category of film, from both professional and amateur filmmakers, as long as the works feature global environmental issues.

At EARTH VISION 2003, ten nominated films from 19 countries and regions were screened. During the two-day session in February, about 1,000 people visited the venue.

The highlight of the festival is exchanges between filmmakers and audiences. Invited filmmakers, not only from Japan but also Asia and Oceania, talk about their films and the environment and answer questions from the audiences. These in-person exchanges at the 2003 festival showed that the audiences understood the films' messages and were deeply touched by them.

The EARTH VISION Committee tries to encourage more people to have opportunities to see the films, and lends out the past award-winning films (basically in Japan). More information is available on their website (http://www.earth-vision.jp/top-e.htm). Regular screenings will be held every other month at Shinjuku Gyoen National Garden in Tokyo.


Posted: 2004/07/08 11:33:21 AM
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