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February 17, 2014


Personnel Placement Support Project Launched to Assist Tohoku Reconstruction

Keywords: Disaster Reconstruction Government Resilience 

work for Tohoku
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The Japanese Reconstruction Agency on October 4, 2013, launched "Work for Tohoku," a project to build a mechanism that will facilitate the smooth dispatch of business and other personnel needed in the quake and tsunami-hit areas of Japan's Tohoku region.

Lists of personnel needed at reconstruction sites will be placed on the project's website to promote the appointment of the right personnel to each location and job field. This will not only help accelerate the reconstruction process but also provide participants with opportunities for personal growth.

While relevant ministries and agencies have already organized several personnel supply schemes in addition to independent programs created by private-sector companies, the need to consolidate personnel supply information has been pointed out. Furthermore, managing the acceptance of personnel is no small task for staff working at municipalities in the host prefectures inTohoku region, Fukushima, Miyagi, and Iwate. To address these challenges, a Reconstruction Personnel Support Council was organized from members of the reconstruction centers and prefectural governments in the three prefectures in Tohoku, three major business groups in Japan, the Ministry of Reconstruction, and the Ministry of Public Management. The council will hold periodic discussions with various stakeholders, survey the needs of companies and municipalities, and consolidate and convey information on human resource aid to Tohoku. The project will also organize explanatory meetings for companies and individuals as needed and, at the same time, search for new human resources.

Kazuko Kojima