Energy / Climate Change

January 22, 2014


Energy Saving Support System for Households Starts in Nagano Prefecture

Keywords: Energy Conservation Local government Policy / Systems 

Nagano Prefecture announced the commencement of an energy saving support program on September 2, 2013, certifying on the same day 15 energy-related businesses as enterprises supporting energy conservation. Employees of these businesses, which range from kerosene home delivery services to safety inspection services for gas installations, will advise households through their normal business activities on possible energy saving measures using pamphlets with information about saving energy, and also give simple diagnoses based on questionnaires. The target is to advise and survey 10,000 households in FY2013, and a total of 100,000 households in the five-year period ending in FY2017.

With Japanese household energy consumption 1.3 times higher than it was in FY1990 The aim of the new program in Nagano is to establish the effective energy-saving behaviors in addition to the conventional promotion of energy-saving.

Nagano Prefecture has passed the sustainable energy and climate change policy plan in FY2013, of which the energy saving support program is a fundamental pillar. At present, 15 companies including Nagano Toshi (city) Gas and the Nagano Office of Chubu Electric Power Co. are supporting businesses and 103 company workers have been certified as energy-saving advisors. The aim is to increase the number of enterprises and advisors and expand the system further.