Energy / Climate Change

November 25, 2013


Fukuoka Pref. Eyes Micro Hydro Using Water from Existing Dam

Keywords: Local government Renewable Energy 

Fukuoka Prefecture announced on August 26, 2013, that it has started to look into the details of a micro hydro generation project using discharged water from the prefecture-operated Zuibaiji dam. If implemented, Itoshima City, Fukuoka Prefecture, will operate the facility from March 2015.

Fukuoka has been actively promoting renewable energy development in cooperation with municipalities, taking advantage of local natural resources and characteristics. After determining that 4 of 12 dams evaluated will be economically feasible for a renewable energy project, the prefecture has been discussing the matter with companies that invest in dam construction for flood control and water utilization.

The prefecture plans to support the project at Zuibaiji dam, which could lead to a new model for local generation and consumption of renewable energy, and to discuss similar projects at other dams. The Zuibaiji dam project will be the first case, not only in Kyushu region but nationwide, of a municipality operating a micro hydropower facility using discharged water from a prefecture-operated dam.