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May 5, 2013


Daikin's Air Conditioner Wins METI Minister's Prize for Energy Conservation in 2012

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Daikin Industries Ltd., a major Japanese air conditioner manufacturer, announced on January 24, 2013, that their room air conditioner called Uru-Sara 7 (R series) and their energy-saving solution for industrial-use air conditioners won the Economy, Trade and Industry Minister's Prize and Energy Conservation Center of Japan (ECCJ) Chairman's Prize, respectively, in the 2012 Energy Conservation Prize Program in the Products and Business Models category hosted by ECCJ.

Uru-Sara 7, which won the Minister's Prize, features a new energy-efficient refrigerant HFC32 with a global warming potential of one-third that of the conventional refrigerant HFC410A. Uru-Sara 7 is the world's first room air conditioner to employ HFC32 and the award assessment also took note of its three energy conservation technologies; a technique to take advantage of the new refrigerant, the indoor unit's new air-intake mechanism and its new dehumidifying method. The air conditioner has achieved top energy conservation levels among 4.0 kW and 5.6 kW products.

The energy saving solution that won the Chairman's Prize features a number of energy conservation functions, including the "VRV-ENE-TUNING" function that allows energy-saving operation by tuning the control board, and the "Sky Energy Cut" function that sprays water onto the outdoor unit to reduce energy consumption. These energy conservation functions allowed existing industrial-use air conditioners nation-wide to reduce power consumption by about 600,000 kW in the summer of 2011.

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