Eco-business / Social Venture

October 17, 2012


Major Japanese Internet Shopping Website Launches Sale of Low-Price Solar Panels for Home Use

Keywords: Eco-business / Social Venture Non-manufacturing industry 

Rakuten Inc., one of Japan's major Internet shopping site operators, launched on July 17, 2012, a new service called "Rakuten Solar," where it sells home-use solar panels. The company partnered with solar panel system company Ecosystem Japan Co. to provide integrated services spanning from solar panel sales to installation without the use of intermediaries. It offers seven types of models that provide electricity ranging from 2.77 kilowatts (kW) to 3.33 kW, 3.88 kW, 4.44 kW, 4.99 kW, 5.55 kW, and 6.29kW.

Rakuten established a structure where it can provide low-cost systems without compromising in terms of quality by limiting the choice of lineup, buying in bulk, and dealing with a part of the service procedure on the website. It first started this service in the prefectures of Tokyo, Kanagawa, Chiba, and Saitama, and now expands nationwide to except isolated islands and areas of heavy snowfall.