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July 28, 2012


Sony Begins Buying Green Heat Certificates

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Sony Corp. announced on April 6, 2012, that it has started purchasing "Green Heat Certificates," which are issued with the use of woody biomass heat and power supply systems. The amount of Green Heat Certificates purchased reached 8,000 tons (CO2 equivalent) per year, which is equivalent to the amount of carbon dioxide (CO2) emitted from about 1,650 households.

Since 2007, Sony has purchased "green power certificates" based on the power generated by woody biomass heat and power supply systems using tree bark and wood waste in Akita Prefecture. The heat produced through these systems when they generate power also qualifies for Green Heat Certificates issued by the Green Energy Certification Center, a branch of the Institute of Energy Economics, Japan.

The company intends to utilize the green heat certificates to reduce the environmental burden associated with its use of energy.

Biodiversity Collaboration between Sony and Conservation International Continues (Related JFS article)

Posted: 2012/07/28 06:00:15 AM



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