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May 22, 2012


Winners of 2011 Environment-Friendly Farming Competition Announced

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The Promotion Committee for Environment-Friendly Farming in Japan announced on February 17, 2012, eight award winners for the environment-friendly farming competition in 2011. Among those recognized were the practices of Japan Agricultural Cooperatives (JA) in Nakasatsunai Village, Hokkaido, Japan. The committee was established to promote sustainable agriculture through keeping soil in good condition that consider reducing environmental impact caused by chemical fertilizers and pesticides while utilizing material cycle systems, and balancing with productivity Showcasing excellent examples, the competition aims to stimulate consumer recognition and eventually popularize sustainable agricultural practices.

With the community-wide efforts, JA Nakasatsunai Village consequently succeeded in reducing the use of chemical fertilizers and synthetic agrochemicals by more than 50 percent in the area, through establishing the regional cycling system of organic materials and five-year crop rotation system, .which helped them win the award.

Government Initiatives to Support a Sustainable Agricultural Industry in Japan

Posted: 2012/05/22 06:00:15 AM