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April 7, 2012


NEC Offers Solution to Visualize Radiation Levels through Smartphones

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NEC Corp., a leading Japanese electronics company, started on December 21, 2011, sales of CONNEXIVE Radiation Measurement Solution, which enables users, including municipalities, schools and hospitals, to create systems for checking the levels of radiation in the atmosphere using PCs and smartphones.

The CONNEXIVE cloud-servers regularly collect and store radiation levels via radiation sensors installed indoors and outdoors in frequently visited spaces such as schools, hospitals and parks. Users can then view the distribution of invisible radiation through PCs, smartphones and mobile phones.

Three types of radiation sensor are provided for this solution; one indoor and two outdoor types. The indoor sensor can be connected to a PC through a USB connection. One of the two stand-alone outdoor sensors features a high-precision measurement range of 0 - 99.99 micro-sieverts per hour with a built-in battery or an optional solar panel that provides an independent source of electricity. The other outdoor sensor does not require a battery or solar panel, and provides the same accuracy as the indoor sensor.

Posted: 2012/04/07 06:00:15 AM



NEC begins Sale of its "CONNEXIVE Radiation Measurement Solution"