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April 3, 2012


Japan's FY2010 GHG Emissions Down 0.4% from 1990, Up 3.9% from 2009

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On December 13, 2011, the Japanese Ministry of the Environment released the nation's fiscal 2010 greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions (preliminary figures). Total GHG emissions were 1,256 million tons of carbon dioxide (CO2) equivalent (same unit used below), down 0.4 percent (5 million tons) from the 1,261 million tons emitted in fiscal 1990, the base year under the Kyoto Protocol, and up 3.9 percent (47 million tons) from the previous year.

The increased emissions compared to the previous year are attributed to the growing activities of manufacturers in recovering from the recession after the Lehman shock in 2008. Such activity included increasing emissions in the industrial sector and increasing electricity consumption because of extreme hot and cold weather.

Compared to the previous year, the industrial sector marked an 8.5 percent increase in CO2 emissions, while CO2 emissions rose 0.9 percent in the transportation sector, 0.5 percent in the service sector, 6.8 percent in the household sector, and 0.1 percent in the energy sector, amounting to a net 4.4 percent increase.

The average 2010 summer temperature across the country was the highest average since 1946, when records began being kept. On the other hand, temperatures were low nationwide from the end of December 2009 to the end of January 2010. The monthly average temperature of nine major cities was up 3.0 degrees Celsius year-on-year in August and 2.1 degrees Celsius down in January 2011 from the previous year.

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