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February 10, 2012


Current Status of Solar Photovoltaic (PV) Generation in Japan (2011)

Keywords: Renewable Energy 

Total Solar PV Capacity, by Country

Shipments of solar panels increasing rapidly, thanks to changes in 2009 such as the introduction of a Feed-in Tariff system (which sets prices paid for surplus power sold to the grid from solar PV and other sources) and a subsidy program reestablished for home PV systems.

Installed solar PV capacity and policies promoting PV installation, by country, are as follows:

2010 Installed Solar PV Capacity and Policies Affecting Solar PV Generation Systems, by Country
Country New Capacity 2010(MW) Total Installed Capacity(MW) Policies, etc.
1 Germany 7,411  17,370  Feed-in Tariff (total capacity)
2 Italy 2,321  3,502  Feed-in Tariff (total capacity)
3 Japan 991  3,618  Feed-in Tariff, Renewable Portfolio Standard (RPS) Law (applies only to surplus power)
4 U.S. 918  2,534  State and Municipal RPS, Feed-in Tariff
5 France 719  1,054 
Spain 392  3,915  Feed-in Tariff, required installation on some buildings, etc.


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* Updated figures and other data are shown in italics.

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