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February 1, 2012


Panasonic Group's Green Energy Park Wins Green IT Award

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JFS/Panasonic Group's Green Energy Park Wins Green IT Award
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On October 3, 2011, Kasai Green Energy Park, the Panasonic Group's next-generation environmentally-friendly facility received the Japanese Economy, Trade and Industry Minister's Award for "Energy saving by IT" category of the Green IT Awards 2011. It is the most honourable award for the category.

Green IT Awards were established in order to further promote green IT initiatives. The awards are presented to IT devices, software, services and solutions which have superior energy-saving effects, as well as proposals which have resulted in prominent energy savings through the use of such products and technologies. The award went to Kasai Green Energy Park for its highly regarded efforts utilizing numerous technologies in multiple ways. Such technologies include technology to create energy with photovoltaic cells, technology to conserve energy using the lithium ion management battery power storage, and technology to make the impact visible to people.

The Smart Energy System (SES) ,is aiming to reduce the power consumption and CO2 emission without sacrificing convenience and comfort.

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