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September 3, 2011


MOE Releases Map of Renewable Energy Potential in Japan

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Japan's Ministry of the Environment released on its website the results of research entitled "Map Information on Potential for the Introduction of Renewable Energy (FY2009)" on January 13, 2011. The map information, available only in Japanese, provides users with the abundance and introduction potential of renewable energy by prefecture throughout Japan.

With the aim of further promoting the introduction of renewable energy in Japan, the ministry has been conducting a research project called "Study of Potential for the Introduction of Renewable Energy." In particular, the research focuses on the Japan's "abundance" and "introduction potential" of solar power generation (nonresidential buildings), wind power generation (onshore and offshore), small -and medium-scale hydro power generation, and geothermal generation. The released Map Data, such as potential of onshore wind power generation, indicates the degree of possibility for introducing each type of power generation to each prefecture. It is available via Google Earth.

"Abundance" refers to the energy resources estimated theoretically, without considering the various limiting factors, such as land use and technical feasibility. "Introduction potential" refers to the feasible energy resources estimated with various limiting factors regarding energy collection and use under various scenarios (assumptions).

The ministry has released the details of its Map Information report for FY 2009 on its official website at, with a summary in English.

The Current Renewable Energy Situation in Japan

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